Pre-flight check

Flight transfer
If you are travelling on two different airlines and your baggage is not checked through to your final destination
Please proceed to clear Arrival Immigration (for International Flight), collect your baggage (if any) and clear Customs (for International Flight) before checking-in at the Check-in Island on the 2nd floor for your connecting flight.
Passengers are reminded that valid travel documents e.g. Visa are required for immigration clearance to enter Indonesia.
Location of check-in Counters
If in doubt, please contact your airlines directly for clarification. Please click here for Airline contact details.
If you are travelling with the same airline or have your baggage is checked through to your final destination
Have a boarding pass? Enter the transit door as soon as you walkthrough the Arrival corridor, or if you arrived terminal by bus, enter the terminal and look for the Transit signage. You will be directed to going upstairs to the Transit door.
Check your flight number at the Flight Information Displays for your departure gate and time. As gates close 10 minutes before departure time, make sure you are there at least 30 minutes before departure.
Don't have a boarding pass?
Please obtain your boarding pass for your next flight at the Check-in Counters.